Diana AugustMature

Diana sat alone in the study, still upset over the discovery of her husband's death. She knew he was gone for a long time, but he had a tendency to do that, and she always remained faithful to him... and this morning, he was found, burned from the inside out. Count Caligula August, her loving husband and one of the King's loyal confidants, was dead...

She still couldn't believe it. The shock was so great that she wasn't able to answer the guard's questions with anything lucid. All she knew was that someone killed her husband... HER HUSBAND... and her life had taken a turn for the worst because of it.

Whoever... whatever... killed her husband... was going to pay. She would see to that. The killer would be brought to justice... HER justice. Even if they hang her for killing the man responsible without a proper trial... she would make sure whatever scumbag killed her loving husband not get away with it.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the mansion's front door. Having formed the most clear thought, even though it was clouded in anger, ever since the guard brought the news of Caligula's death, made her able once more to function again. The sense of purpose that deserted her when she learned that Cal was dead had returned, and now she could once more think rationally, even if she was still furious.

She ran down the steps into the entrance hall, and opened the door. Standing there was a man she had never met before.

"Good afternoon, madam. My name is Aldous Bayard."

The End

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