Chapter 2Mature

"What would you like?" asked the air hostess from before.

"Um... a glass of Coke."

"Oh, I'm sorry, we ran out of that. Would you like anything else?"

"Just water, then."

"Ok," she said, pouring some water into a plastic cup, "and what about you?"

She looked at Jake. I prayed that he wouldn't do some corny pick-up line. God did not answer my prayers.

"You know what I want, sweetheart?"

She looked at him, hiding a smile.

"I want you, baby," he said, winking, "and a glass of Sprite, please."

Nick glared at him.

"I would like some Iced Tea," Nick said, smiling at her.

"Ok," she said, handing both of my ass-hole brothers what they wanted.

"Thank you," said Nick.

"Why are you guys idiots?" I asked.

"We are not idiots. We are typical horny guys that love that air hostess chick."

"She has got to be at least 25. And Jake, youre 15. And Nick, you're 21."

"An older woman," they said together, "I like."

"Shut up," I said, "please."

"No thanks," they said, sipping their drinks, talking about each girl that passed them.

After eating lunch (they'd given us pizza), we landed an hour after. And soon we were in the airport, grabbing our luggage, soon heading out the doors to see our dad.

"Hey guys," he said, hugging us.

We walked to his car and headed toward our house.

The End

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