Hand in HandMature

"Now, listen guys," said my mom, stroking Jake's head, "you better behave yourselves at your dad's house. This is the first time I'm sending you there after the divorce. But, hopefully, you'll remember it. He'll pick you up at the airport. And don't forget to call me when you get there."

"We won't," Nick said, hugging her.

She looked at me and Jake, her worst children.

"Tyler and Jake," she said, raising and eyebrow.

We smiled, hugging her. She was smaller than me, for I was 5'11, and she was merely 5'2.

"Ok," she said, tears coming to her eyes, "bye. You'll be late for your flight."

"Bye, mom," I said, grabbing my carry-on as we walked toward the line.

She waved and we headed toward the plane to Miami. We used to live in Miami, but then my parents split. My mom got the kids, my dad got the house. And that's all. It was that simple. But to me, there was more than that. I knew my parents had split because my dad had no money left and completely broke. But don't think that my mom was a bitch. All in all, the love was completely gone. And my dad realized that first. He couldn't support a family any longer and he and my mom broke up.

"Ok," Nick said, sliding in first, "You two better keep quiet. I have some napping to do. Hot Miami chicks coming my way."

I rolled my eyes, allowing Jake to go in next. I got the aisle seat. Some hot air hostess leaned in to check on us.

"You guys ok?" she asked, her minty breath filling my nose.

Her ruby red lips, close to my nose, her clean, ivory skin, and her neatly curled brown hair, falling a little beneath her shoulder. She stood straight, as Nick gazed at her, as if she posing so he could catch the right glimpses. He nodded, blinking rapidly, a wide smile on his lips.

"Good," she whispered, as if trying to seduce him, "if you do need anything, just ask."

"We will," Nick said, almost moaning.

Gross. She laughed, walking away.

"She was damn hot," said Jake.

Typical 15-year old boy. New to this kind of stuff.

"Shut up," said Nick, closing his eyes.

"I would love to," said Jake, grabbing a magazine from his bag.

"You two are asses," I said, placing headphones in my ears, closing my eyes.

The plane lifted off.

The End

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