I climbed onto Starlight and rode faster than ever toward HQ, Xavior was waiting there with Dylan and Lilly. "Your not usually that slow, I was worried"

"Are you okay?" Lilly asked

Dylan's eyes widened "Don't you dare Aradessa! Don't you flipping dare!"

"What?" Xavior turned to him

I climbed off starlight and tried to walk past them. Dylan grabbed my shoulders and made me face him "I wont let you Aradessa!"

I shook him off.

"What?" Xavior sounded panicked

"She's going to run away"

Xavior was the one who turned me around this time "Aradessa, is this true?" one look in my eyes confirmed his fear "Aradessa please don't. You have to stay, please Aradessa, don't"

I looked directly at him, my eyes empty, a void. I turned around and walked off across the grass, not looking back.


I ignored the voice and walked faster, Xavior stopped me. "Get out of my way"

"No, I can't let you leave"

"Xavior, please, move"

He refused so I did something that I knew I'd regret later. I flipped him, I had no doubts that he could've got up but he didn't and I ran as fast as I could into the forest. My thoughts were a whirl wind as I was repeatedly cut by the greenery.

I fell, my knees bleeding, several scratches up my arm, tears falling down my cheeks.

"Little princess is all alone"

"Hurt everyone close to her"



"Shut up!" I yelled. Laughing echoed off of the trees around me.

"All alone and no-where to go"

I curled up on the forest floor, creating a bubble of light around me. This is what I'm protecting Xavior from, protecting all of them from, they can never feel this pain.

.......................Part 3 coming soon.................................................................

The End

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