Xavior towed me away, a faulse smile on his face "Always the jokers" he kept repeating after I asked what they'd meant.

"Are you going to tell me what the twins meant?" Xavior ignored me, holding my hand tighter "Fine then, if thats how were going to play it. Starlight!" Starlight bustled through the trees, trotting beside me.

"What are you doing?"

I stopped and climbed onto Starlight "Going for a ride, race you back" I smile with fake enthusiasm. Xaviorr smiled widely "Ready? Go!"

We both went quite fast throught the trees, "Let him get ahead of us and go back okay Starlight?" I whispered. He did just that and we rocketed through the trees until finaly we caught up with Kaz, Daz and Cam. "Guys!"

Cam turned around and smiled "Whats up shiners?"

"I want to know what you two meant, Xavior refuses to tell me and I need to know. I know you were talking about me in the first part"

the twins looked at eachother and turned to me with appologetic faces "We have no idea what we say Aradessa, it just come out"

"Oh" I blushed "Sorry to have bothered you"

"Kaz? Kaz whats wrong?" Daz was supporting his brother who was holding his head in pain.

I jumped off Starlight "Kaz? Listen to my voice, come towards it. Concentrate on only the sound of my voice, ignore everything else" I felt a glow expand from me, stretching over Kaz. He opened his eyes, no longer in pain.

"What happened?"

"The shadows, they tried to get inside my head." his eyes became foggy "Head the warning young princess, we will not fail in our attempts. You will fall and your precious Xavior will join with us once more" Kaz's eyes returned to normal, his hands shaking.

"Kaz, are you okay? Who was that? What's going to happen? Daz?"

"I don't know. It won't show up." Daz confessed, hugging his brother.

"They're close" Kaz spoke from Daz's shoulder "They want them, they're numbers are growing"

"Who do they want?" Daz pressed him

"Aradessa and Xavior. They wont stop, ever"

The End

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