Kaz, Daz and Cam

They were all...how do I describe them? They were glowing. Literally I mean. All three of them were glowing.

The tallest of the three approached with a smile, he had spiky dark brown hair. He walked up to Xavior and ruffled his hair as if it were his younger brother. "Quit it Cam" Xavior grumbled.

Cam laughed "Kaz, Daz, come on" the other two stepped foward, they were smaller than me and identical, both with fiery red hair and light brown eyes.

They stood together, hands held. "I'm Kaz" the left one said

"I'm Daz"

"And I'm Cammosereecous but you can call me Cam, trust me, it's easier"

"I'm Aradessa" It sounded like a question but only because I was distracted by the glow emanating from the three boys.

Cam noticed and laughed "We're Light Riders. The glow is like a sheild, it protects us from the shadows, Light Riders are born glowing but you can turn it off easily" he smiled.

I nodded, I could see the twins from the corner of my eye and they looked terrifying. How can kids that young be that scary?

"Kaz and Daz are sixteen next week"

"Really? It seems too soon" Xavior seemed regretful

Cam shrugged

"Oh, so you'll be older than me then" I smiled, hiding my fear "I wish I had something to give you, sixteens a big number to turn"

The twins looked at eachother, then at me and they smiled "It's alright"

"We dont mind"

"At all"

"Remember, I owe you one present each"

They smiled again, seeming cuter, less....threatening.

"You got them to smile" Cam sounded dissapointed

"I told you so" Xavior chuckled "You can't help it, her light is too bright"

"Hmmmm, I wonder....Aradessa? Can you shoot light?"

"Yep, why?"

"Can you project it like a sheild?"

"Um...no, should I?"

"Wel if your shooting it then yes....you havn't taught her Xavior?"

"No, she does it subconciously, look at her aura" Xavior was saying it like it was no big deal but I could hear the smug under tone in his voice.

"Woah!" Cam took a step back "I've never seen anything so....how come I didn't see it right away?"

"You weren't able too, even now that a mere fraction of her power. I told you, she's special" Xavior took my hand as if he were re-inforncing what he'd just said.

The twins looked at me and nodded as if confirming their thoughts. "She is special" Kaz announced "but her brightness attracts danger"

"She is kind" Daz joined in "But she will destroy us all"

"Beware the darkness" they spoke together now "beware the light"

They turned to Xavior "Another's true nature will soon be revealed" they turned to Caz "A new side of the case will be appealed. Do not forget who you are and stay away from the noise of the darkness guitar"

The twins blinked twice and looked at the horrofied faces of the boys and my own confused expression "What did we say?"

The End

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