Oh my! Starlight!

I spent the next three days reading about and taking tests on magical creatures, I slammed the book shut "I'm sick of study and all these goddamn tests! When will I ever meet a ...." I looked at the book "ayanakoji anyway? never!"

"Your completely right"

"I am?"

"Come on" he took my hand and walked to the door "Eviatas" he pulled me toward the forest.

"Where are we going?"

"To study through doing"


I saw Lilly as I wa being tugged, she looked confused "Talk to you later Lilly" she nodded and watched as we disappeared into the forest.

"Slow down will ya? your going to pull my arm off!" he carried on pulling until we reched a large oak tree. "Where are we?"

"Shhh, look over there and wait"

I did as he said and gasped in amazement, a unicorn appeared, an actual unicorn! I thought they were only in fairytales! I turned to Xavior with amazed eyes, he smiled. "Do you want to meet him?"

I nodded, we stepped around the oak tree "Hey Starlight"

The unicorn nodded, coming over. He rubbed his nose against my hand.

"Awww, he's amazing" his mane glittered like stardust, his white hair glistened like silver.

"He's got a big enough ego already Aradessa, you don't need to say stuff like that" he sighed "Hey starlight, would you mind if..." he whispered something in starlight's ear and he nodded eagerly.

"Want some help getting on?"


"Starlight is very eager for you to ride him and it'd be rude to decline so, want any help?"

I nodded sheepishly, I'd never riden a horse before, let alone a unicorn. Xavior picked me up and placed me gently on Starlight's back "Hold on tight he's pretty fast"

I wrapped my arms around Starlight and he began to gallop through the trees. The feel was exhilarating, the wind blew through my hair, the blossoms on the trees created a beautiful shower of petals and I felt the thrill of freedom wash through me. "Wahooo!" I released my arms and put them out to the sides so I could feel the wind.

Starlight neighed and got faster I found myself laughing, freedom, the carefree feeling, the adrenaline....we eventually began to slow to a stop and I hopped off and stroked his mane "Wow, that was...amazing. Thankyou so much Starlight, your the best unicorn ever"

I heard a chuckle from the forest and Xavior appeared "Fun right? Starlight never lets anyone ride him, with an exception of you ofcourse"

"Why just me?"

"In your dreams, when you were younger, you met him. He was so stubborn back then but he always let you ride him"

My eyes widened as I remembered "Oh my! Starlight!" I hugged his neck "I can't believe it's really you!"

Xavior chuckled "Enough of that, you'll suffocate him. Theres a reason why I brought you here, look"

"Where?" All I can see is mushrooms

"Daz, Kaz, Cam!"

Three figures emerged from the mushrooms and my jaw fell.

The End

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