No matter what

Xavior didn't give me the chance to speak after that....he was holding me too tight. He explained to me that his other personality sometimes escapes in little bubbles, like when he does stuff that gets him a smack.

He walked with me along the edges of the forest and finally sat down, taking me into his lap. Xavior began to stroke my hair in silence, making me nervous. "So...whats it like? Projecting a light like that?"

"It feels kinda...warm but, unnerving yet exciting at the same time. YOu should know what I'm talking about though, you've done it too"

"Only once and I was a child. It was terrifying, but I'd never felt free, it was like I'd finally been able to find some happiness. It doesn't compare to this though" he kissed my forehead.

I sighed "And whats it like, having Kivuli inside you?"


"I'll bet, he sounds really abnoxious, twisted....I'll bet that he's nothing but a jerk"

"It's not very nice to critisize people you don't know little girl" Xavior's voice has changed...oh crud!

I looked up at him, his blue eyes were tinged with green, his blonde hair seemed darker.

"Xavior! Snap out of it! Come back!" The darkness diappeared and the blue came back to his eyes.


I smiled "Nothing, just promise me something okay?"


"Whatever personality you choose...we'll always be together"

His eyes softened "On my essense, I vow to stay with you no matter what"


The End

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