Xavior held his cheek, I could tell he was confused that I was slapping him, but I didn't care. "Every single thing we did together was a lie, wasn't it? Every word you spoke, you were just setting up your ridiculous little trap!"

"What....what are you talking about?"

"Collin, he told me all about it, that your father was a shadow, that you've been using me for your only personal gain!"

"Your wrong. I love you Aradessa, I've always loved you" He caught my hand in mid-air and pulled me to him "It's true that my father was a shadow, the shadow, the king. But my mother was his opposite, a light rider, like Dylan"

I blinked in shock "D-Dylan"

"He's my half brother" Dylan explained "We have the same mother, our father's were best friends, and we grew up together, all 3 of us"


"Xavior said that his mum and dad were complete opposites right? Well, turns out thos two personalities couldn't merge completely in their child, Xavior has a split personality"


"It's true, theres me, Xavior and then theres, a darker side that I've been locking away. Thats what I inherited from my father, I am effectively, the prince of shadows"

"So when Bree and Conner said that you hated me, that you were lying all this time..."

"They were talking about my other personality, the one they call Kivuli, the name is swahili, it means 'shadow'. He's been cooped up for a while, but lately he's been more eager to escape and it's been getting harder to hold him back. I wanted to tell you but...it would only hurt you, my father was the sole reason of your life's destruction and in effect, so am I"

"So you've been sufferring, all by yourself. You could have told me you idiot" I hit him in the back of his head  "I don't care about that! What I do care about is being told by them and spending goodness knows how long in a shadow thing! If I hadn't concentrated my energy the way I did and created a beam of light, who knows when I woulda got out!"

"D-Did you just say you created a beam of light?"

"Yeah, why? Is that important?"

"Very Aradessa, it means that you have inherited a skill from your parents that can save your life"

The End

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