I woke up in the dark. I have no idea where I am, but  know that I need to get out. I have to see Xavior, get him to explain.

"Isn't that cute? She still thinks she has a chance"


"Collin and whoever you are, as soon as I get out of here I'm coming for you"

"awwww how sweet. You know aswell asI do that this blanket of shadows can keep you for years"

" I wont ever quit! Your cowards to speak from the shadows! Show yourself!"

Laughter echoed around me, making me shudder. A girl appeared from the darkness, collin by her side. I recognised her face right  away "Bree"

Her dark hair was black, flowing out like a cape behind her, her eyes were colder than I remembered, though before she was just a friend of a friend who I didn't kow that well.

"Dessie! Still pretty I see, but you've grown aot since I last saw you, somuch like your mother, you have your father's eyes you know"

My fists balled up "What do you want Bree? I have nothing left to take"

"Thats where your wrong. You see, your parents were quite a powerful couple but they refused to  join up. But you, their child with their powers combined, I'm sure you'd be even more useful to us"

"What are you getting at" not that  don't know but I want her to say it

"Join the shadows, become powerful, learn to use your powers properly, become one of us"

I smiled coldly "Not a chance in hell"

"You'll get to spend quality time with Xavior and he wont hate you anymore"

I laughed without humour "Are  you tryng to make the offer more appealing? Your giving me more reasons to not accept your offer."

"Your final awnser?"

"I'm sorry but I'm way too much like my parents, no!" I scowled at her, smiling icily.

"I told you she was a stubborn one"

"No matter, she will join us, she cannot stay out of the shadows forever"

"Thats what you think"  I smiled and concentrated my energy, just breath deeply, think happy thoughts.... and release. A bright beam shot out around me, allowing me to escape the shadowy prison.

I walked in the direction I assumed was HQ and tried to think of a plan.....guesse I'm  winging it!

"We need to find her..." is that Xavior? The big tent!

I ran into the gazeebo abd did the first thing that came to mind, I slapped him. "You Liar!"

The End

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