"Aradessa, I'm sorry. I just..."

"It's okay, I should go to bed anyway, it's late" I walked past Xavior, my eyes dropping as soon as I caught a glimpse of his face. Sadness, confusion, anger, he seemed so...vunerable. But no, I cannot give up, if he wont tell me about it, I'll have to find it out for myself, even if it means dancing with the devil.

I washed, changed, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and waited for midnight to come. I decided to wear a jeans and a top, just because he wanted to tell me the truth, it didn't mean that I trusted him not to attack. I had to wear something sturdy, so my jeans and a simple polo shirt is perfect. I could run in that, yes.

I layed down in bed, the minutes ticking by...11:45pm I got up and walked to the open window looks like I'll have to climb.I stepped out onto the branch, carefully climbing down, using the foot-holes that were conveniently provided.

I dropped to the ground and ran into the trees, 11:50pm. "Hey, your early"

"So are you" his shape slowly came into focus, his hair almost glowing...

"You want to know the story right? About why Xavior is why he is?" he smiled, crossing his arms.

"Yes, I want to know why he's so distant, why he so..."

Collin snorted "we'll have to start at the beginning, it might upset you"

"I...I dont care! I need to know"

"Fine" he took a deep breath "Long ago, when your parents were rulers, there was a man that was close to your parents, he protected the castle from harm. He claimed it was his duty, he 'felt bound to protect' them. He was the king's best friend, a kind, loyal, unique man...but he was a double crosser. He was a shadow, tainted and simple. Two years before you were born he rejoiced in the birth of his second son, who was, in short, rebelious.

"His father worried that he would be uncontrollable, that he would be a disappointment came along. The troublesome two year old wandered off and snuck into the nursery where the little princess was sleeping. A shadow was hovering over the little girl who was unaware. He jumped foward and threw out a beam of light that incinarated the shadow, the shadow that was his father. He felt bound to protect her, his birth amulet was connected to hers and she allowed the boy to cuddle her.

"She smiled, at only a week old. The parents of the the girl saw them like that. It was settled that the little boy would protect her from any harm, no matter what it cost him. He became a friend of hers and on the darkest of nights he was told that he still had to watch over her but not make any contact for this could hurt her deeply. He agreed but when she began to visit in her sleep she almost saw him, so he only protected from a distance. The child of the king of shadows, her sworn enemy and yet her only protection.

"You've felt it, haven't you? that pull between you, inescapable, unbreakable, the bond of the amulets. It's suffocating, like a cage"

My eyes teared "Stop!"

"He's been keeping tabs on you all this time, he knows your every thought, your every memory. He's your warden"


"Your chaperone"


"Your guard"

I fell to my knees, not wanting to hear any more. 

"He only stays here to protect you, it's nothing as deep as you though, every kiss, every touch was a lie. All this time he's been keeping his past a secret so that one day he'll take whats rightfully his and destroy you. Because the truth is Aradessa, the truth you've been trying to escape from is that he hates you"

Tears flowed swiftly down my cheeks, everything beginning to go dark Everything was a lie? Every time he told me that he loved me...


The End

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