"What are you thinking?" Xavior whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"Your amulet turned purple"

"I was just thinking about how the amulet made me feel...indescribable"

He nodded.

"What are you thinking about?"

"You don't want to know"

"Yes I do, tell me"

Xavior looked at me with his deep blue eyes and put a hand on my cheek. He inclined his head to my level and pressed his lips to mine, I felt my hand being placed on his chest and rest on something...cold. Xavior pulled away and popped off the top buttons of his shirt, pulling out a necklace.

It was a red stone, less delicate looking than mine, held by a shape that looked like a sheild. He held my amulet and put it next to his, they began to glow. I felt a surge of emotion, my eyes feeling like they would tear, Xavior saw and moved them away from eachother.


He acted weirdly after that and my patience was wearing thin, he'd better not be planning to send me home again because I wont go no matter what!

It only took two short days for me to lose it. I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, he turned around.

"What is with you?! You've been avoiding me and acting weirdly, like you did before...If your sick of me then just say because I need to know!"

Xavior's face was pained, he looked like he'd been the one being avoided. "Thats not it"

"Then what is the problem? Because I don't inderstand, I thought...I thought...." I felt the tears beggining to build and turned away "Forget it"

I ran at full pelt into the trees and stopped in a small space a hand rested on my shoulder "I said 'forget it' Xavior, leave me alone"

"I'm not Xavior"

I turned "Collin Pond!" The shock was clearly displayed on my face, though he said that we'd meet again, I didn't believe him...

"I'm glad you remember me" he smiled and it looked innocent enough but...

"What do you want Collin?"

"Actually, it's not really what I want, it's what you want" huh? "Xavior, he keeps avoiding you but he wont tell you why"

"How do you..."

"It's clear in the way you act, and the energy your amulet is giving off, confusion, sadness, anger...."

"What are you on about?!"

"My dear, I know why he's acting so strange, infact I'll tell you if you want" he shrugged, still smiling.

"And whats in it for you?"

"Nothing really, all you have to do is listen"

"Aradessa? Aradessa!" I turned my head toward the sound of Xavior's voice

"Meet me here at midnight and I'llexplain everything"

The End

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