He sat next to me and handed me the little box. It was crafted beautifully! Silver vines made up the lid, intertwining, making a rose shape in the centre. I opened the box, which was inlaced with deep blue silk and in the middle was my necklace....

Words cannot begin to describe was simple, but complicated, if that makes any sense. The design was similar to the box, silver vines threading through eachother, all protecting a singular blue stone. I stroked it, trying to identify the unusual stone, it shined like the moon and the sun, it's texture bent to my will.

"It's one of a kind, made for you especially, it exists around you, the colour can change if you get angry or feels what you do but the colour will always return to blue" Xavior's tone held hardly any emotion in it, only explanation and a tinge of something else....

"Can you help me put it on?"

I saw Xavior double take on what I said then he picked up the necklace and facened it into place around my neck. I felt better, like there was a little more of the hole being filled in.

The End

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