How did you...

I found myself curling up into a tight ball after that. I had always been over sensitive, but I thought I'd grown out of it, though with my reactions now, I guesse I havn't. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to concentrate, getting my priorities strait, starting with Xavior and the amulet my father mentioned....

"Aradessa? Aradessa, are you okay?" I opened my eyes to see Xavior's hand on my shoulder, his concerned face a few inches away.

"Huh? Mmmm, I'm fine I guesse"

"You guesse? Aradessa? Why are you crying?Whats wrong?" Xavior wrapped his arms around me and began to rock slowly back and forth, comforting me.

"Can I have it back?"

"What back?"

"M-My amulet" Xavior stopped rocking me and even though I couldn't see it, I knew there was an expression mixed between shock and horror on his face.

"How did you..."

"Well your story mentioned something about a necklace"

"But you said 'amulet'  how did you know?"

"My Mother and Father spoke to me last night, I couldn't sleep and found myself thinking about things, then they appeared. Dad said to ask you for my amulet back"

Xavior's arms tightened around me "Are you sure it was them?"

"Positive, I know my parents"

I felt Xavior nod then he pulled away "I'll go get it"

Xavior left the room, seeming edgy and suspicious as if he expected an attack to come at any moment, though I suppose it could.

He was gone for a long time, I found myself counting floorboards to pass the time and by the time I was up to 567, he came back. A small, silver box in his hands.

The End

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