I couldn't sleep and it was stupid of Xavior to expect me to, especialy after what he's just told me. The dark didn't seem threatening here, though I guesse with all of the people around and the magic....it wouldn't be a good idea to attack.

I lay back on the bed and stare at the ceiling. If the shadows are so powerful, then why didn't they come after me when I wasn't aware of this world? They could have attacked me when I was defenceless, in the human world. But they didn't. What could stop the shadows? Bringers of death, darkness and destruction? What could or would stop them?

Memories of my childhood flashed through my brain, finaly making sense... the strange noises, the fears and suspicions displayed by my foster parents and the growing void in my life, like I was missing something importants and how when I came back to this world in my dreams or otherwise, I felt...whole.

"But it just doesn't make any sense! Why are they being so vague? Why not just come and get me when I'm all alone like this? Why wait?" I exhaled in frustration, scowling now "I wish they'd just get it over with!"

"Be careful what you wish for my child" I heard a soft voice from infront of the bed and sat up, my eyes tearing. She had long brown hair and glowing brown eyes, the colour of chocolate, she wore a pink satin nightgown that flowed gracefully to the floor and a warm, kind smile.

"M-Mum?" I stared at her, eyes wide as she nodded

"Yes dear, I'm glad you haven't forgotten me, we were afraid of that"

"We?" a man appeared by my mother's side, hair as dark as the sky, with a blue sheen, bright, kind eyes, that were a mixture of greens and blues, like mine. The man wore a black, silk shirt and modern trousers. He too was smiling. "Dad?"

"Hello princess" his eyes grew softer

I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks. "I-I need to ask you-"

"We can't awnser all of your questions, there isn't much time"

"We wanted to let you know that we love you princess"

"We love you so much"

"And do ask that Xavior of yours to give you your amulet back, it was a gift to you" I could hear the familiar jokingly serious tone, making more tears roll down my cheeks.

"I love you both too" and with that they smiled and disapeared.

The End

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