Parents in the shadows

"My parents?!" I stared, wide eyed at Xavior's face that seemed to be masked in pain.

"Yes Aradessa, your parents"

I tried to collect my thoughts as I became a motionless statue on the sofa "What...?"

Xavior took a deep breath "To explain, I'll have to start at the beginning. The very beginning, about who your parents were"

I nodded mechanicaly, I couldn't find any other response in me.

"Many, many years ago the world we live in now was very different. Magic was used alot more freeley and the magical creatures you have only read about roamed free, it was a very peaceful time." Once again Xavior sounded much, much older, as if he had seen it all with his own eyes. "There was no official ruler but the people of this world valued some as the royal family.
The recently appointed king was...unique, he was scary, stubborn and at times unapproachable, but he was kind. He was so kind that everyone seemed at peace, then he met someone. She was sweet, warm and loving, her presence made the king even kinder and alot happier. He proposed to her little more than a month after knowing her and she accepted, her eyes shining brighter than ever before.
The kingdom had never before seen such a happy time, no wars presnted themselves and the couple made fast friends with the other royal famillies so there was no sign of one ever coming.
Then a miracle appeared, the queen gave birth to beautiful little baby girl. She was giggly, bouncy but stubborn too, like her father and she was adored by everyone."

Xavior's face, with a once dreamy expression was now replaced with something regretful and tortured "But sometimes thats not entirely good. She was the pride and joy of her family, of the kingdom. Others became jealous, in a few short months things escalated and the little princess was in danger. Many tried to kidnap her in the dead of night but the little princess always alarmed the castle when it happened, she was a feisty baby. There was however a worse danger on the horizon. The re-birth of the shadows, they took power from darkness and were much more of a threat than any one else. One night, one dark, terrible night they attacked the castle barriors. The guard rushed to stop the ambush but in affect they were all absorbed by the shadows. The queen cradled her precious daughter in her arms, smiling and comforting the child as only a mother could, the king watched the door anxiously and put up a light barrior, though he knew it wouldn't hold.

"The child cried in her mother's arms, having more of an understanding of the situation than the toddler should have. A loud sound from below confirmed that the guard had fallen and the king embraced his wife and child saying that he would stop them, that he would never let them hurt his child again. With this promise he kisses the daughter and the mother's forehead and released them. The king and queen stood together, holding hands as they chanted, the girl reached for her parents and the mother smiled at her and fascened a necklace around her daughter's neck. The shadows burts through the doors and the parents expelled a great light out in front of them, whispering one thing before their daughter was transported and they were consumed 'We love you'."

I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks.

"The shadows hadn't resurfaced after that, the light pulse was too wiped them all out. However now we're not so sure, the shadows are coming back and six months or so ago people we're seeing them. People were hallucinating about your parents"

"W-Why is that dangerous? I dont...."

"It means that if your parents are coming back, then so are they"

The tears came faster now, horrible shudders rippled through my body and I felt as if I was being torn apart. Xavior pulled me to his chest, letting me soak his shirt with my tears, I felt cold. My entire body was freezing and I couldn't stop some of the images that flashed through my head, finally making sense of my childhood.

I was about five years old, huddled in my blankets and having a sort of argument with my 'parents'. I was begging them to leave the light on.
"Don't be silly Aradessa! Theres nothing but shadows!"
"Their scary"
"What are?"
"The faces in the dark"
"Stop being so ridiculous and go to sleep" She turned off the light and shut the door, leaving me in my room, crying into my pillow. I was terrified of the dark, even now it scared me, but I never knew why.  The scary faces in the dark were as I had grown to believe a creation of my imagination, nothing but the shadows. She was right, my 'mother' there was nothing accept the shadows, and thats what terrified me the most.

"What were their names?"

"Your father's name was Derfael, it literaly means oak prince or well, stubborn prince. Your mother's name was Lirona which was hebrew for My song ; My joy. Their names were very truthful and they were wonderful parents who loved you very much. They never left you alone, always holding your hand or talking to you, even in your sleep, they loved you more than I have seen any other parent love their child"

"I want to ask-"

"I think thats enough for one night, but if you don't mind, I'd prefer that you stay here tonight, it's already too dark"

The End

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