People were buzzing around me for days, not giving me a moment to myself. The fact that I was never alone didn't exactly help my concentration, it didn't make me feel safe or loved either....I need to find out the reason Xavior sent me away, more than that I need to find out about my past.


I had a game plan...a sure fire way to get Xavior to tell me what I wanted to know accept....I'm chickening out. If this plan fails I'll have to go with the other one, though the other one looks a whole lot more appealing right about now.

I took a deep breath and stepped out of the house, walking around the larger area lit up by lanterns. The night sky here is beautiful, you can see all the stars and the moon sometimes too, it's very peaceful. I tried to slow my breathing as I walked towards Logan "Hey Logan"

He turned and smiled "Hey Dessa, whats up?"

"Not much" I lied " I was wondering if you could tell me which is Xavior's" I gestured towards the tree houses.

"He hasn't told you"

I shrugged "He hasn't got round to it, he's a bit forgetful"

Logan raised an eyebrow and then smiled "His is the one on the far side, the biggest tree, when you see it you'll know" I sensed that he found this humorous "Oh, the spell is 'Hinachi' by the way. Have fun" Logan turned from me and walked off in his smug little manour.

I ignored Logan's attitude and made my way over to Xavior's house, as I got closer I realised what Logan meant when he said I'd know when I saw it... it was....unique, glowing silver in the moonlight and reflecting the light off the stars.

Calm down Aradessa, you are not going to quit now!  I stood directly infront of the house and took a deep breath. "Hin-"

"Dessa? What are you doing here?" Xavior turned me to face him, concern written clearly on his face "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I guesse I just wanted to see you. I was curious about where you live"

Xavior looked me up and down then nodded "Want to come in?"

"Yes please" I looked down, not believing that I was doing this.

Xavior grabbed my hand "Hinachi" the house decended and he pulled me through the door. "Sorry about the mess, I wasn't expecting company" he smiled and lead me into what must have been the living room "Why don't you take off your coat it gets quite warm in here"

I did as he said, pulling off my long winter coat, he's right, it's boiling. I saw Xavior gulp as he looked at what I was wearing, a dark blue 3/4 poofy dress with a pink flower and green vine patterns around the hem.

"you like it?" I twirled, smiling

He nodded "You look lovely" did I just see him blush? he coughed "anyway, th-this is the living room" he gestured toward the space infront of us, one sofa, a few cuboards, some shelves and a full bookcase. "I know it's not much but I'm planning to re-decorate..."

I shook my head, smiling "It's fine as it is" there was the blush again. I sat down on the sofa, Xavior followed, sitting next to me.

"Why did you want to see me? your never this direct"

"I just wanted to talk to you, I may not remember before but the feelings are there" I was glad that this was at least truthful.

Xavior took my hand and faced me "Aradessa" he sighed "I'm happy, happy that you came to see me today, that you came to my house, because I need to talk to you"

I blinked, this is a turn of events..."What about?"

"I imagine you wanted to talk to me about it anyway...the reason I sent you home. I didn't want to, you have to believe that but I didn't have much choice and I didn't want to get you mixed up in everything. It would have been painful to let you near them...I was terrible to keep you away but...I was afraid of the dangers they presented."

"Who? I don't understand"

"Aradessa, I sent you away because of your parents"

The End

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