I was confused to say the least, why would everyone be worried about me? It's not like I hadn't collapsed before. Xavior kept his arm around my waist as we walked towards the centre of HQ. He didn't speak and neither did I, I had to get everything in order, I had to ask Xavior about Dylan.

"Xavior?" I whispered, breaking the silence "Can I talk to you?"

"Of course you can Aradessa, what is it?"

"It's about D-"

"Aradessa! Your awake!" I saw Lilly, Hannah and Nicki smile in relief as they each ran over.

"We were so worried!" Hannah hugged me

"You really scared us" I felt Lilly hug me from the side

"We thought that had really harmed you!"

"That does have a name you know" I could hear the smug smile on his face even now

"Yeah, your right. You do have a name but you hurt our friend so your lucky your even here!"

"I didn't hurt her, not on purpose anyway. It's not my fault she let her guard down"

I scowled at him Not his fault?! Right, because I really wanted to faint. "How did I 'let my guard down'?"

Dylan laughed and to my surprise so did Xavior. "Never mind"

I glared at him and looked around "Where is everyone?"

"In their rooms mostly."


"You don't realise how much you affect this place, it really worried us when you came back, limp in Xavior's arms. Especially because of why you were limp in his arms" Lilly scowled at Dylan "You were very lucky"

"Okay, I'm completely confused" I admitted "Someone said before about Dylan taking my energy and Xavior called him something like...Dareymons? Who or what are you?"

"Dareymons is the race Dylan belongs to. They have the ability to steal energy from anyone or anything, often killing the victim. The energy they take is a person's life energy, it is stronger if the person displays immense emotions like love, anger or fear. They often take it by lurring the chosen target and making some kind of contact with them, be it conversational or otherwise. " Xavior paused slightly, his tone becoming that of a story teller. He seemed older somehow.

"People also call the race aminus combibo which is latin for soul sucker, mentioned in many lost myths and legends which later were recovered and I believe they were the source of the vampire legends, though they are not nearly as amazing as the myths all claim them to be"  Xavior smiled, breaking all of the tension.

"Whatever, those were just stories like the boogie man to frighten people to obey the rules and you know that Xavior" Dylan spoke through gritted teeth.

Xavior shrugged and picked up a horn, blowing into it for 30 seconds, making a deep wail resonate around the area. "Aradessa's fine!" He called. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised, what the hell did he do that for?

Seconds later HQ was buzzing with noise, even Logan looked relieved and then challenged me to a match next training session. I had smiled and agreed, what the hell is so special about me?

The End

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