I yelled at him for what felt like hours, I was relieved to be home again but that dosn't mean that I can let him off the hook "I can't believe you! After all that promising, and all the times you held my hand and hugged me and kissed me, was that some kind of joke to you?!"

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as the anger begined to ebb, leaving other emotions in it's place. My tone dropped and I felt drained "I thought that...I thought that you had forgotten. About me and everything else. I was worried..."

Xavior pulled me into a tight hug as the tears made their escape. "I could never forget you Aradessa, never" the tears were halfway down my face now and I felt Xavior pulling away. He sighed and brushed them away with his thumb "It was a long six months so I guesse we'll have to make up for lost time eh?" he smiled.

I smiled back, my fears forgotten, my anger void and my happiness off the scales. I had to say that I detested twilight but I guesse I understand how that girl felt in the second book, only I think I was less melo-dramatic and more realistic.

Xavior inclined his head slightly, brushing my hair from my face...

"Aradessa! Your awake!"

I snapped out of it right away and found new anger "Dylan?!" I peered over Xavior's shoulder to glare at him but then Xavior twisted us around to face him, his arm wrapped around my waist.

"Sorry, was it a bad time?" I could hear the heavy sarcasm in his voice directed at Xavior.

"Yes actually and if you'd shut the door behind you we can continue"

Dylan smiled "No thanks, I'm not going anywhere"

"Suit yourself" Xavior shrugged and as I just realised what he meant, he held my chin up and pressed his lips to mine. I had lived without Xavior for six months and as a result, my defences had crumpled and I found myself pulling him closer.

Xavior pulled away, his smile spread wide and triumphant across his face.

"Well if that isn't a bowl of yuck, how are you Dessie, besides the sickness brought on by Pixie boy"

I scowled at him "One I don't feel sick, two Pixie boy has a name and three I am angry. You don't just go around kissing people withput their permission! And before you say anything else I want to make things clear! I didn't enjoy it back there so don't start spreading it around and if you have you will be the crash test dummy that I'll test my new spells out on!"

I heard Xavior snigger next to me and then I saw Dylan smile though his face looked slightly pale.... "Are you done with your little tantrum? Because may I point out that the whole camp is eerily silent"

"Why?" I looked up at Xavior and he smiled at me

"Because everyone's worried about you"

The End

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