My vision blurred and I found myself falling limp in Xavior's arms "Shhh Aradessa, it's going to be okay" his tone immediatley changed "this is your fault dareymons!"

"I do have a name pixie boy!"

"Yeah, but I wont taint perfectly good air with it"

"Your just mad because I kissed your girlfriend, who obviously enjoyed it"

"Shut up, it was your power that did this, it had nothing to do with that"

"Whatever helps you sleep at night pal"

I felt something wash over me, followed by a cool, comforting breeze.

"Xavior! Whats wrong with Aradessa?" it was lilly

"What do you think?"

Everything went silent for a while, colours shifting quickly, I opened my eyes. Xavior was next to me, holding my hand. "Aradessa! your awake!" he smiled, relief coating his face.

I sat up, my head still spinning slightly "Okay, first things first,what the hell happened back there?"

Xavior scowled "that dareymons sucked the energy out of you"


"Dylan, when he....when he kissed you his powers got out of control and he began to take away your energy, which would explain the feinting, unless....."


"Unless you actual enjoyed it" he mumbled

"Hardly, I wanted to kill him! speaking of which..." I glared at him, he gulped "Six months Xavior! Six months! Not one form of contact for six freaking months you are in so much trouble!"

The End

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