I walked beside Dylan with my head down and eyes securely focussed on the floor, he talked about random things that I never paid attension to, especially when we walked through the school gates "Is that Aradessa? A-And the new guy?!"

My cheeks burned with shame.

"Hey Dylan" I heard a group of boys come over "Hey Aradessa. Since when were you two so pally?"

"Since yesterday when we were paired for drama and in english, actually I guesse since we met" Dylan laughed

"Really?" I could hear the smirk on their faces "Well, I guesse we'll see ya"


My hands balled into fists "What was that?"

"What? What was what?"

"'since we met' ugh! you make it sound like we're a couple"

"And thats bad because...."

"Because we're not!"

"If you say so" he grabbed my hand "C'mon, it's time for science"

I couldn't concentrate through science, or maths, or english, or RS or Drama, why? because Dylan was there, with his cocky attitude. The teachers and the students loved him, he was followed by people all day and he wouldn't leave me alone.

Dylan walked me home too. "Aradessa, can I come in?"

"Not really Dylan"

"Please Dessie, I have a feeling that we need to talk" I raised an eyebrow at him but let him enter anyway. He sat down on the sofa and motioned for me to do so aswell, which I did.


"You've been weird all day, trying to pull away from even the slightest touch...whats going on?"


"Is it another guy?"

My eyes widened, I got up and walked by the staircase, motioning him with my hand to leave.

"It is isn't it?" He walked over to me "Dessa, I don't see him anywhere, do you?"

"Thats none of your-"

"You deserve more than the empty space he left behing Dessa, I can fill it, I won't leave you to deal with something like that, ever"

I felt the tears stream down my face "You should go"

"No Dessa, I'm not leaving. And if your not listening to me, I guesse I should show you" Dylan pulled me by my waist and crushed me to his chest. He inclined his head and when I tried to protest he held me still with the other hand. Before I could react properly his lips crushed on mine, making my head spin, but not in a pleasant way.

"Get off her!" I knew that voice....

Dylan pulled his lips away, smiling. My head spun, nothing staying where it should, "I'm just gonna guesse here, but are you the guy Dessie's been holding back for?"

"Dessie? Oh you mean my girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend? After this I'm not so sure"

"X-Xavior? is that you?" I felt like I was about to collapse, this is so not good.

"It's me" I felt his arms replace Dylan's "Don't worry it's gonna be okay, I promise"

"I don't feel too good"

"You'll be fine, as soon as I get you home you'll be fine"

The End

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