I was left standing in my living room with the growing feeling that I wanted to punch something, the feeling I usualy got, I wont think his name. He's left it this long, theres no way he's coming back for me. I went strait into my bedroom, no longer hungry and threw myself on the bed "Ugh!"

I closed my eyes and calmed down. It wont take long for me to....

I found myself in the forest. I'm actually dreaming again! I havn't been here in so long! I ran around the area, thankfull for the familiarity of this small space. There was a russle in the bushes and I knew who to expect "Come on out Xavior, I kow it's you-" my eyes widened as a boy with brown hair and blue eyes stepped out, smiling. "Hello Aradessa"

My eyes snapped open. no!no!no! what was that?! Dylan can't be in! I went into my bathroom and splashed my face with cold water get a grip,it was just a dumb dream and since he was the last person I's only rational! I sighed, now I was making lame excuses for myself. Damn it all! I went through the usual routine of my morning and headed out the door.

"Goodmorning Dessa, fancy an escourt to school?"

The End

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