I sat down on my vaccant table in english class and stared at the open book, King Lear. Again. We were just begining to discuss the love triangle when there was a knock at the door sir went to awnser it and I looked down at my book, rolling my eyes theres always one person that comes in waaaay too late.

"Class" Mr dulrey called from the front "This is Mr Dylan lakewood" as if on cue a boy about my age stepped through the door, following his entrance were the excited whispers of girls. Dylan had short, brown hair and blue eyes, his hair was messy and it covered one eye. "Why don't you introduce yourself"

"Hello, My name is Dylan Lakewood and I transferred from italy, though I origonally come from somewhere much different" he laughed lightly and I rolled my eyes while the girls giggled. Another one. I sighed One more person to get on my nerves this term.

"Why don't you sit over there Dylan, theres a spare seat next to Aradessa"

"Okay sir" I scowled at the desk, is it not enough to have another anoying flirt in the class, but now I have to sit next to him?!  I heard the chair shift next to me and I stared more intently at the book.

"Have you read king lear Dylan?"

"Yes sir" I could hear the confident smirk on his face. I am deffinatley never talking to this guy.

"Good, then please talk in pairs, discussing the love triangle" The class talked loudly to eachother, obviously not about the love triangle.

"Hi, your Aradessa right?"

"Yeah" I scowled at the book

"Sorry, if I've done something to offened you...."

"No, you havn't"

"Okay, good. I'd hate to annoy such a pretty face, you know what they say about the quiet ones"

"Not really"

I heard a sigh from next to me and I looked up, he had his hand under his chin and was staring at me.

"Sorry, you havn't done anything to offened me but I've kinda made a promise to myself to stay away from guys like you"

"Guys like me?"

"Over confident, obnoxious guys"

"Hmmmm, thats good then."


"I'm not over confident or abnoxious" he smiled "So, the love triangle"

The End

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