Sequel to my story "Dreams"

After Xavior made that promise of his to me his behaviour changed radically. About 2 days after he grew distant...had extra training sessions, tactic meatings and band rehearsals all of which I wasn't allowed to go to (not that I didn't try but hey, those twins are tough). That continued for a few weeks, I wandered around alone alot of the time, Lilly had tried to comfort me. She made excuses for him all the time 'He's got alot on his plate right now' or 'He's a boy' those were the most frequently used. I wanted to believe her but after all that he had said to me...how could I not worry?

 Then the last nail was hammered in. Xavior had come to my house for the first time in a month, he looked awful, scary too, his eyes seemed darker and his whole body radiated fear. Xavior took a step inside, shut the door behind him and grabbed my by my shoulders, crushing his lips to mine. I felt the uneasyness, the anger and the pain as it were my own,  he parted but only breifly.

Then he spoke the words that shattered my heart "I'm sending you home" I had yelled and cried but he kept on saying it, twisting the knife. He promised that it was only until he had things sorted, that I needed to go to school for a while, he promised to come for me.

Here I am, 6 months later, sitting in maths class like any other day. My parents were more distant than ever, infact I never really saw them. I had packed some things in my school bag each day, anticipating Xavior's call but after my birthday last month, I gave up. Lilly, Hannah and Nikki had stayed behind but sent me home with magic books, the history of magic, the origins of magical beings and a book of spells. I studied them like they told me to but...it didn't feel exciting anymore. The spell training flowed into my normal homework and calls from the ever annoing Tamarin.

I finished my work and thought of better times, happier times  and packed my stuff up, heading toward english.

The End

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