Aaron stepped into a launch pod and the door closed with a hiss.He sat back into the chair and strapped himself in.As he did so he thought back to one of his training courses.He was crawling under many meters of barbed wire.A sergeant stood by watching them.When one of the rookies stopped for breath he took out an s.m.g and started to shoot in the air and screamed:MOVE YOU WEAKLING,MOVE'.The rookie started to crawl again and the sergeant stopped shooting.His eyes followed the unfourtunate rookie who was not allowed a single moment to rest.Then his eyes darted to Aaron,who was almost finished the course.When Aaron crawled out from under the barbed wire a smile appeared upon the sergeant's face.Even as Aaron thought about it he smiled.He had been the favourite of many of the commanding officers.The pod shook and Aaron's thoughts moved to the approaching battle.He thought of Ger and a few of his other friends who would be coming as well.He thought of the Covenant.It was going to be a rough ride.

The End

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