Five years Later

Aaron loaded his shotgun and aimed it at the target.He pulled the trigger and the target was blown apart with the force.After that day at the funeral five years ago his life had been changed forever.First his head was shaved until there was hardly any hair left.Next he was made to run five miles and crawl under sharp wires and undergo intense workout's.He was given five hours of sleep and if he was late for anything he was made do fifty push-ups on his knuckles.Any normal 18 year old give up at the first sixteen.But Aaron was not normal.Far from it.By the time he was 16  he was able to use any firearm the military had to offer and was able to commandeer any vehicle you cared to name.Now that he was 18 he stood at 6ft 5in.He was the stronger then everyone in his rank and was not afraid to get the job done.He only had a few days left until he would go out and fight on the battlefield.Along the way he had picked up a friend called Ger Ryan.Ger was only an inch smaller then Aaron but he was just as fast as Aaron and could drag Aaron to the ground if he felt like it.His favourite hobby was to blow stuff up.He was better then anyone at laying explosives and could lay them in less then a minute.He would be going with Aaron to the battlefield to fight the Covenant.They would have to prepare for the the coming conflict.

The End

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