The High Prophets

The Giant Covenant ship orbited silently above in space.On the bridge of the ship,the high Prophets of the Covenant were in conversation.'The humans are retreating,we should destroy them NOW!,said the Prophet of Truth.'I agree,said the Prophet of Mercy.'You underestimate the humans,said the Prophet of Regret,they are not dumb animals.'But we have them cornered,said Truth angrily.Mercy nodded in agreemeant.

'You are too interested in fighting them in the open,replied Regret.Truth scowled at him.Mercy didn't say anything.He was watching his fellow Hierarchs intently,hoping they would start to fight.'We will need to use stealth if we are to defeat these humans,'said Regret.Amazingly,Truth seemed to agree.Mercy sighed,his hopes for a fight gone.

'Direct the ship towards the main fleet,'ordered Regret.The Sangheili pilot nodded and put in the coordinates into the computer.The ship fired up its engines and flew towards the Covenant main fleet.The Prophet of Regret smiled,a plan already forming in his mind.

The End

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