Three Brutes were standing in a clearing in the jungle.Their eyes scanned the surroundings,which was not an easy task as they were short-sighted.One of them was standing near a cluster of bushes.What he didn't know was that there was something in the bush.There was a rustle.The Brutes growled,taking out their weapons,ready for combat.The Brute nearest the bushes started to get scared,which is an unusual thing for a Brute.There was a snap.The Brutes aimed their carbines at the cluster of bushes.

The bushes started to shake.The closest Brute backed away,his trigger finger shaking.Suddenly,something jumped out of the bushes.It was an O.D.S.T warrior.He had a gravity hammer in one hand and a magnum in the other.He swung the gravity hammer at the closest Brute,crushing its head.He aimed his magnum at another Brute but before he could pull the trigger the Brute was on him.It knocked his gravity hammer away and grabbed his magnum.The warrior rolled away and stood up.The Brute with the magnum growled in satisfaction and its hand closed on the magnum,crushing it easily.The other Brute walked forward and said:'We would spare you human,but you are too much trouble so we'll have to settle for killing you you!'

Suddenly,there was an explosion and another Brute came flying through the trees.It hit the ground and skidded to a halt at the warriors feet.The Brutes roared and turned to see who had killed their fellow Brute.There was a sound of gunfire and a Spartan came bursting through the trees closely followed by two other O.D.S.T's.The Spartan was carrying a Warthog gun in one hand and a S.M.G in the other.The two O.D.S.T's were armed as well but the other O.D.S.T warrior couldn't see them properly.The Spartan had a white skull painted on his or her head and was dressed in baige armour.The Spartan threw the S.M.G to the unarmed O.D.S.T and opened fire on the two Brutes.

One dodged out of the way,but the other Brute took the full force of the bullets and was shot to pieces,literally.The other Brute lunged towards O.D.S.T with the S.M.G.The Brute's fist flew towards the O.D.S.T warrior and the world went black.

The End

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