The launch pod landed on the sand and the door flew open.Aaron clambered outside,taking two magnums and an assualt rifle.Another pod landed nearby.The door opened to reveal Ger Ryan.Ger was carrying a rocket launcher and a gravity hammer.He nodded to Aaron and they both set off at a running pace up the hill.

There were bodies all over the place that included several Marines and a few Elites.Two Elites stood there,talking.Ger loaded a shell into the rocket launcher and pulled the trigger.The bullet flew towards the elites.One of them saw it and dived out of the way.The other one was too slow and and the rocket hit him in the chest.

The unharmed Elite stood up and roared.Ger stood up and took out his gravity hammer.The Elite saw him and snarled.Ger ran towards him,his gravity hammer raised.The Elite took out an energy sword and ran to meet him head on.The Elite roared again and jumped towards Ger.Ger was too late to block him and the Elite's feet slammed into his chest,blowing Ger backwards.The Elite took out another energy sword and Ger swore.Instead of running to meet the Elite's challenge he took out a frag grenade and threw it at the Elite.It landed near the Elite's foot.The last look upon the Elites face was one of surprise before he was blown to bits like his comrade.

Ger turned towards Aaron and gave him the thumbs up.Aaron frowned and raised his assualt rifle.Ger ducked just as Aaron pulled the trigger.The bullets flew through the air and hit the Brute who was sneaking up on Ger.The Brute staggered back.Aaron took out a magnum just and emptied a round into the Brute's chest.

The Brute fell to his knees and looked at Ger and Aaron.'We will wipe out your pathetic kind from the galaxy,vermin,the Brute said.Then he started to retch as he slowly choked on his own blood.Aaron hit him with his rifle.There was a cracking sound as the Brute's kneck broke,killing him instantaneosly.Ger turned towards Aaron and said:'Thanks'.Aaron grinned and said:'What are friends for'.Ger nodded and both of them ran on up the hill

The End

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