Halo:Story of Aaron Jones

It's about the story of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper{O.D.S.T}and his experiences as one of the UN's elite warriors.

Two rows of men and women stood outside the church.It was raining heavily and many of them had the umbrellas out.Five men dressed in military uniforms arrived.Four of the soldiers had a coffin between them.They also had a rifle in one of the arms.They laid the coffin to the ground and put their two hands on the rifles and stood still.The soldier who didn't carry the coffin stood at the head the coffin and laid a cloth on the coffin.It had a picture of a skull on it with the words O.D.S.T below it.A boy near the soldier who had put the cloth on the coffin looked at him and gasped silently.There was a large grotesque scar across the man's right eye.

The  boy looked away quickly.The scarred man shouted out an order and the four soldiers raised their rifles at the sky.The man barked another order and four bullet's flew into the air.The man shouted again and the rifles fired once more.The scarred man took the cloth from the coffin and gave it to a woman who was crying silently.She accepted it with a nod.The man shouted again and four more bullets flew into the air.The two rows of men and women began to walk away.One boy remained with a man and the woman with the cloth.The scarred walked towards the man with the boy and spoke with him.The man's eyes widened but he nodded.

The scarred man took out a small bag and offered it to the other man.The man's eyes blazed with anger and he snatched the bag from the scarred mans hand and threw it away.He glared at the scarred man and walked away.The scarred man shrugged and walked towards the boy.'Is your name Aaron Jones?,asked the man.

The boy nodded.'Then come with me,said the man.He walked away and the boy followed him into an uncertain future.

The End

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