the new guyMature

planet reach

5 hours after covenent are discoverd on reach

"the doors came down the first thing we saw was a bright light and then we saw a massive structure scout post alpha 9 are briefing site are sqaud had be reasigned to this waste land for a new objective it would be two minutes till we touch down i sat clossest to the rear hacth of the pelican the pilot had to go round and make another pass before he could lnd to my left was jek he was gave that nickname because how strong he was next to him was ollie are tech specialist the only reason he was recruited as a sparte was because 5 years ago he some how managed to hack oni's main computer in new mombassa they offerd him two choices rot in jail or train to be a sparten  across from him was ted a cocky moron who didnt know when to keep his mouth shut he would just talk and talk whilst im thinking to my self now he's talking to jek to teds right was the new guy his nick name was belive it or not his nick name was new guy he was the replacment for the previos sparten on are sqaud who had been sent on a mission direct from oni and was claimed mia next up was turk the leader of are sqaud he had just came from the cabin after talking to the pilot he had seen a lot of this war and didnt want to talk much the only real time he was talking was when he was giving an order finally there was me my nick name was crimson due to the fact that there was a dark red cut across the chest piece of my armor"

"alright ladies get ready" shouted turk "i stood up grabbed my dmr and stepped out off the pelican every one else followd we headed inside the main building inside of the courtyard waiting for are orders"

The End

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