Chapter III

Mark and the other Spartans ran outside to figure out what the hell was going on! They honestly did not know what to make of what they saw! They saw two purple flying vehicles with two "wings". On each of the wings there was some sort of light on the tips.  Mark saw one vehicle Get a short burst of speed, and Mark judged that those lights were the sourcce of the "boost". Well no matter, they were shooting the place up!

"Dan....what the hell are those?" Mark asked very calmly.

"I don't know!" Dan said back.

"I say we get out of here! Spartans grab some weapons! Where's the weapon storage?" yelled Mark.

Dan looked over at the other edge of the canyon. "Ummm, it's all the way over there sir." Dan said sheepishly.

"Of course." Mark shook his head. He looked directly at the storage room and yelled "MOVE!!!"

Over 15 Spartans could be seen sprinting from one end of the canyon to the other, none spared any energy moving! Mark just hoped that those things wouldn't be able to see them.

"Damn, this is messed up." said Gordon moving alongside Mark.

Mark and Gordon moved into  the ammo storage room at the same time, followed by Dan and then DJ. They looked outside to try to tell them to hurry the HELL up! about 4 more Spartans moved in before a huge chunk was taken out with a green sort of mortar which made a big explosion when it hit the ground! Spartans were sent all over the place.

DJ moved the last few remaining Spartans inside and slid the door shut!

Dan was almost breathless! "What the hell were those things?"

"Well whatever it is, I bet it has a big pretty explosion when I blow it to pieces!" said Gordon eying a Spartan Laser.

"No don't use that! It's still in it's prototype stage, it could like, melt you or something." said DJ.

"Well then WHY do we have it here?"

"They wanted us to do proper tests. And we can't now! We don't have the clearence!"

"Screw the clearence! We need to blow these things up!"

"Then use a rocket launcher spaztron!"

"Ugh fine!" Gordan muttered as he walked to the rocket storage

"Guys!" said Mark trying to imply something that didn't involve possible suicide. "We need to get out of here! Escape this place."

Dan walked up beside Mark. "He's right guys, if we fight we're gonna die! We need to book it as fast a possible!"

Mark saw all the Spartans, except Gordon, nod in approval.

"Gordon?" Mark was trying to convince him. "Do you have a better idea or are you being a stubborn donkey?"

Gordon looked up at Mark. "Nah, I'm cool with that plan."

"Good." Mark moved forward. "Got any air vehicles?"

A green Spartan with EOD armor moved forward. "We have some Falcons in the hanger about 50 clicks away."

"That might take too long." said Mark. "Got anything closer?"

"We have some Warthogs in the hanger not too far away. But it's pretty obvious we need air vehicles to get out of here, there's nothing but ocean until the supply post out at land."

"Fine, I have a plan. Dan, DJ, Gordon and I will head to the hanger and get some Falcons. The rest of you load up in Warthogs, and we'll pick you up. We'll all meet at the shallow waters under that cave right outside the canyon. Now lets go!"

All the Spartans acted quickly! Marks group started sprinting towards their destination.

"Is there anyway we can move quicker?" said Mark.

"I'm pretty sure there's some Mongooses in that bunker right over there!" said Dan gesturing toward the right of them.

"Okay lets go!"

They started running toward the bunker when a bunch of bright blue bolts burned the ground in front of them!

"Crap, they see us!" Yelled DJ.

"KEEP RUNNING!" yelled Mark.

The four of them kept running from the flying purple vehicle. Mark, Dan, and DJ vaulted over the sandbags that stationed the bunker. Gordon was a bit slower then the others and a mortar hit the ground right behind him and sent him flying into the bunker! He landed with the group and picked himself up.

"Well that was fun!" said Gordon, shaking off pain.

"Dude, that thing took out your shields in a single hit!" said Dan

"Well everyone get in the Mongooses! We're out of here!"

They got in the Mongooses, ever praying that thing wasn't watching.




The End

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