Chapter II

Dan and Mark walked towards the intel room. They had to move under a tall stone structure that had an opening for them to walk through.

"Don't bump your head or you'll be the laughing stock of the place for a week, trust me I know!" Dan said looking back.

"People shouldn't laugh at a Sargeant"  said Mark. "Not a good idea."

Dan looked back and chuckled. "Are you kidding? General Hood made up that rule!"

"Of course." said Mark sarcastically.

Dan and Mark reached a doorway, Mark tried the door but found it was locked. He knew he was easily able to rip the door apart in his Spartan II armor, but what the hell would he do that for?

"No, no" said Dan as if he were speaking to a child. "Try this."

Dan walked up and knocked on the door 3 times. He paused for about half a second, then knocked 2 more times. Almost immedietly, a white and purple Spartan with an ODST helmet opened the door.

"Hey Dan!" he said, then quickly looked over. "Welcome sir!"

Mark and Dan walked into a room filled with computers, with Spartans in full armor working at computers.

"Why don't they just take their armor off?" asked Mark.

"General Hood's orders again sir, he wants Spartans in full body armor at all times, in case something happens." answered Dan

A deep feeling in Mark's gut told him that was a good idea.

Dan walked over to his computer, sat down, clicked a series of keys on the computer, and the obliterated Harvest came up on the screen.

"Pretty frick'd up ain't it?" said Dan. "I bet thats what Earth looked like in that ancient 21st century flick, you know, Avatar."

"What the hell did that?" said Mark, even though he knew the answer that was coming.

"No idea." said Dan looking back at the screen with his arm over the back of his chair. "But I'd sure like to know."

"Don't we all." said Mark, studying the photo.

"Harvest was nothing but a bunch of crap grass!" said a voice coming from the other side of the room. It belonged to a totally grey colored Spartan in EVA armor standing with his arm crossed in the corner. "My sister should have picked a better place to live."

Dan looked at Mark "His sister was living at Harvest during the attack, she.....wasn't one of the survivors." he looked at the ground. "She got obliterated with the rest of the planet."

"Man." said Mark

The ODST helmeted Spartan walked up to them. Dan turned to face him.

"Got anything DJ?" Dan asked.

"Yeah, remember those probe satellites we sent up there 2 days ago?" DJ said with urgency.

"Yeah..." said Dan, obviously pushing him to go on.

"The satellites picked up dense traces of plasma on the planet! Innies DON'T use plasma!"

"Then who did it, aliens?" said the EVA Spartan sarcastically from the corner again.

"Shut the hell up Gordon! This is pretty damn serious if you didn't figure that out"

Gordon just snickered to himself.

"Anyways, if my studies are wrong, and I sure hope they are, we may have another enemy on our ass! One that can easily kick it too!"

"Alrighty, lets not get too excited it's not as i-"

he was interrupted by an explosion from outside of the room!



The End

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