Halo: Legacy

This is how the covenant got introduced to the rest of the world. Briefly 3 days after the book Contact Harvest.

Inside of a Falcon helicopter, Mark held  some dog tags very closely to his chest,These belonged to his best friend Steve who didn't make the cut of the Spartan II program. "Make the cut" was a term used among the 200 people in the program, if you "made the cut" you were made into an official Spartan and sent off to war. If you didn't, well you were either terminally disabled....or dead. Over 200 children around the age of six were taken away from their familys and sent into the Spartan II program, there they made genetically exact clones of the children and sent them back to their familys. They spent years training for this, years being genetically modified so they would be faster, stronger and have incredibly fast reflexis. The Spartan program was fast, and they were out slaughtering Insurrectionists by age 11.

Insurrectionists, the animals of the human race. Basically the present version of ancient 20 and 21st century terrorists. They felt they were to rebel against the UNSC and force their wills onto them. The Spartan II's were made to fight these forces years after the war began. It took them so long because well, the Spartan I program was a complete failure, and that's an understatement. All of the Spartans in training died in this program, many thanks to Dr. Catherine Halsey rushing everything.

The Falcon flew over a mountain, Mark looked out of the side to see a breathtaking view. He was heading to the Spartan Homebase, that was where all the Spartans went after they were sent out, all 33 of them. Yes 33, only 33 "made the cut." Mark looked out of the other side to see a small outpost with some Spartans loading up crates with the help of some Warthog jeeps. One of them looked up at the Falcon and waved. Mark looked closely and waved back. At this time he reflected on the fact that he had no knowledge of why he was being sent back to Homebase, nothing at all. 

The Falcon made a drop in altitude and flew between in a canyon, it took around 5 seconds before he could see Homebase come out from around the corner. Numerous Spartans were walking around the base doing what they had to do. The Falcon made it's way toward the landing pad and circled it once, then it touched down. He was greeted with a fellow Spartan with grey armor and a Grenadier helmet jogging toward him.

"Welcome Sargent!" he said very officially. "I take it you don't know why your here?" "Not a clue!" said Mark as he got out of the Falcon. "Thats what I thought" said the other Spartan. "Follow me to main intel, I'll explain everything on the way." Mark followed the other Spartan down the ramp from the landing pad. "Oh!" said the Spartan stopping immediately. "My name's Dan." Mark nodded. "Nice to meet you Dan." "Likewise!" said the other Spartan as he continued walking. "We called you here because we have a situation, we've just lost all contact with Harvest. All signals are out, it's as if it's not there anymore. However just this morning we picked up the signal of a surviving satellite cam and got a VERY interesting video feed." Mark looked at Dan. "Well?" Dan looked at the ground. "The planets still there, but it's all black. It almost looks as if, possibly, everything on the planet got....obliterated." Mark looked at the ground as well. "Any survivors?" Dan looked back at Mark. "Yeah, Gunnery Sargent Avery Johnson, some of his squad and  government offical Al-Cygni." "Get anything out of 'em?" "No sir, they just refused to talk about it. All I know is that Innies can't do that to a planet! They ain't got they firepower!" "Yeah....what do you think did it then?" "No clue sir..."

The End

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