"earth just a small tiny spec in a galaxy vast as the eye can see over the years you evolved as a specicies and yet there is so much we dont now about the universe as you evovled you split into colineies and divided some grew into a vast comunity where as others grew intorejects and out casts then as you evovled you found yourself needing larger spaces so you decided to take other colinies land this caused anger which turned into pain which caused war ...

and then turned to suffuring ."

"as you evovled your need for room became vast so vast that you gazed at the stars "what if..." years later you moved up to the skies and found other planets to colinieze and call HOME...

but it was never enough."

"like a disease war spread in between colineis but as your need for more territory grew you soon  found your self rallying together as one united force to stop a force that threatend every thing you held dear the u.n.s.c was made as if over night factories where on overdrive day in and day out to unite agaisnt one soul force the covenent but it wasnt enough battle after battle loss after loss you soon found your self treding in no mans land playing god"

"can you remember what im talking about...

can you remember REACH"

The End

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