Hamlet as police drama, &c.


Elsinore. A platform before the castle.

Francisco is at his post. Bernardo approaches, sees someone in the mist, and asking sleepily who is there, the tone of which causes suspicion in Francisco, and he shouts at the figure to come forth and be counted friend or foe. "Long live the king!" says Bernardo, and Francisco greets his partner back from patrol, "You were up all night again, Bernardo?"
"Well, good," Francisco said, "because you still owe me a shift."
"I'm fine, partner. What's the matter with you tonight?"
"It's nothing."
"Come on," said Bernardo, "you've been worked up all week."
"Don't you think it's awfully peaceful, given the circumstances?"
"Rest easy, my friend, it all comes out in the wash."
"Why do you talk in riddles?"
"Don't you want your kids to go to college?"
"Anyhow, some brass are coming down for inspection, and they're late as usual."

The End

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