Chapter 3.3 CharactersMature

First Gollum, then Merlin. Was there an endless line book characters in this world? Haley stared at the man deeply confused. Merlin? That’s crazy!

“There’s a lot of explanation to be done I suppose.”

Haley just nodded. The old wizard sighed.

“Follow me.”

He beckoned her out of the room and she followed him down the hallway until they reached the lobby again.

“Hallucinia was once known as Tesseract.”

Haley looked at him slightly confused.

“Isn’t that a cube of some sort?”

“Yes and no.” The man sighed. “The tesseract your talking about is a cube within a cube. It has that special quality of molding back into itself. The truth is, the name for that cube was based off of the name of this planet.”


“Hallucinia, Earth, and the In-Betweens were once very closely intertwined with each other. The planets were in an endless cycle of creation.”

“Creation of what?”


“Ideas?” Haley squinted at Ambrose. “Create ideas?”

“Yes. You might think that the human mind is the one that creates ideas. But that’s not how it is.”


“Earth is only a vessel to contain, interpret and arrange the ideas the In-Betweens created.”

“So you’re saying the In-Betweens creates the ideas?”

Ambrose nodded.

“That’s not possible! If all connection with the In-Betweens was cut off after the Bubonic plague, why are there still books? Obviously there had to be ideas from somewhere!”

“The human mind takes longer to process ideas than it takes the In-Betweens to create them. There was a long line of ideas that have been waiting to be used. But not only that, humans liked to recycle ideas that they liked. But in a few years, Earth will run out of ideas.”

“But what does Tesseract have to do with this?”

“Tesseract was where ideas went first to be tested if they were good or not.”


“But it was also a place where characters in a book could be released to help understand them better.”

“So, you were from a book?”

“You could say so.”

Haley was about to ask another question when the doors of the infirmary opened. A nurse scuttled over frantically.

“Ambrose. We need you help.”

The End

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