Chapter 3.2 Robo-otsMature

The thing loomed over them and casted a shadow that extended too long. Max stared up at it, secretly unsheathing his dagger. Maybe the thing was made completely out of metal, but it’s wires were sticking out all over the place. A few shorted circuits and the thing would be as good nothing. The Robo-ot growled.

The Robo-ot was one of only slightly more sophisticated pieces of technology the Capital ever worked on. It was originally planned to be a large robot with the ability to fly, shoot missiles and destroy anything in it’s way. But in the end, it ended up more of a lumbering fool than an effective weapon of destruction. But the Capital never needed actual weapons anyways, so halfway through the Robo-ot project, they gave up and kept the current prototype as the final result. As a result, defeating it was almost as easy as a piece of cake. Maybe.

The Robo-ot lumbered forward clumsily, crushing a few trees in its way. They were knocked down and splinters flew all over the place. Max dodged the robot’s foot and lunged to the side.

“Andy!” He shouted, looking around frantically. Where was that kid? He was supposed to have Shorter to help stop the circuits for good. No response.

“Andy! I need the Shorter!” Max jumped to the side again, dodging another wave of splinters. Kate and Frank threw themselves behind a log. Kate had a bow in her hands. Frank had an axe. But Andy was nowhere to be found.

“Andy!” Max cursed under his breath. Where the fuck did that kid go? But as for now, there was nothing he could do and waiting would only make it more dangerous.

“I’m going to fucking kill him when he comes back.” He growled. Andy was obviously not coming. He would have to charge now. Immediately, Max threw himself at the thing.

“Now!” He screamed and Kate started shooting arrows at the robot, slicing through wires. Frank lept up from behind the trunk and charged at the robot. He whammed his axe into the leg of the robot and chopped it right off. The Robo-ot whined as it’s leg fell off and fell to the ground. Good. That thing would be dead pretty soon.

Max lept onto it, cutting wires like there was no tomorrow. But robot didn’t die. Instead, to their horror, a new leg started building itself and replaced the old one. So the Robo-ot wasn’t dead.

The End

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