“He eats too much.” The man says glaring at the five year old boy sitting on the ground. “We cannot support him.”

“But he is our son.” The women sitting across pleads.

“Yes. Your son. But not my son.” The man points out.

“It is our son!” The women cries. “You have promised! You have promised that you would give me a better life!”

“I did.” The man agrees. “But I have only promised to give you a better life. The child has to go.”

“No...” The women sobs. Tears stream down her face. “You cannot do this to me, Ming.”

“I am sorry. But we cannot afford such a costly child.” He slams his fist on the table and in that fashion, the man ends the conversation abruptly. He picks up the child and takes him away, ignoring the screams of the women.

“Baba. Where are we going?” The child asks.

“To somewhere far away.” The man responds with a distant and tired stare. They walk down the street and through many twists and turn. The man finally stops, deciding that they are far enough from home and sits the boy on the side of the street.

“Baba’s going to get something.” He spoke to him softly hiding his tears. “Baba will be right back.”

“Ok. I promise I won’t leave.” The boy gives the man an innocent smile. The man kisses him and leaves, whispering one last message to him.

“Remember. Don’t wander around or the Gui will come out and eat you.”

The boy nods and the man walks away. The little boy is left sitting in the side of the street, waiting for his father to return. He never does.

The End

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