Chapter 2.6 ChokedMature

Haley was on her second book when she heard a creak. She looked up from her book. No one. Hmm... that was weird. Minutes later she heard a second creak. She looked around and saw a mouse scuttle across the ground. It must have been that. She looked down again. But she heard yet again another creak. She looked up just in time to see a familiar pair of hands reach out and grab her around the neck, dragging her down onto the ground, muffling her screams with a large bony hand. Gollum had come back.

Haley struggled to break free as the man tried to drag her away slowly. He was abnormally strong and her struggles just made his grip on her tighter and tighter.

“Our food can’t run away from us!” The man cackled in a Gollum like voice.

No wonder why they call him that. Now if only he pluralized everything it would be perfect! I wonder if they named anyone else book characters.

Haley really couldn’t help but wonder even when she was being dragged away to be eaten. She tried clawing at the man’s fingers but his skin was as thick as leather and broke her nails instead, leaving little streams of blood trickling down her fingers. Her mouth was covered tightly by his fingers and the sour taste of poisoned sea water dripped into in her mouth. This isn’t even a human anymore! In despair Haley grabbed a book that had landed on the ground and whammed it at Gollum’s head.

God must have really been on Haley’s side that day. By chance, a corner of the book was jammed deep into one of the Gollum’s eyes. He screeched out in pain and let go of Haley immediately, dancing around crying, holding his eye like it was the most precious thing in the world.

“She stabs us!” He moaned. “Our food stabs us and hurts us!”

Haley quickly backed away, still holding the book in her defence. She hear her heart beating faster and panic was just starting kick in.

“Oh! Our precious eye! She broke it! She pays for it!” The man stopped his jig and lunged forward at Haley, his one eye flashing dangerously. “Yes! She pays for it in our tummies!”

Haley desperately flailed out her arms hoping to hit the man.


The book connected solidly with bottom of Gollum’s jaw and he flew backwards with another shriek.

“She hits us again!” Gollum started rolling around on the ground moaning in pain. This time Haley couldn’t just sit back and wait for him to attack her again. She wouldn’t have this luck every time. She snuck up behind Gollum quickly and gave a him a solid whack at the base of his skull.


The man rolled over, unconscious, pale and bloody. His mangled eye rolled around lifelessly, spurting blood every so often. Haley stared at him. She looked pale with fright and was soaked in sweat already. She dropped the book on the ground realizing what she just did and fainted. For the third time that day, Haley fell unconscious.

The End

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