Chapter 2.5 FleeMature

Max stared silently at the ground. He could hear Kate shouting for him, but he didn’t feel ready to come out yet. He watched silently as Kate ran through the forest, her long light brown hair flowing behind her. Kate was like the mother of the group. She was the only girl. It must be lonely for her sometimes. Max sighed getting up from his crouch. Maybe it was urgent. He decided to head back to camp.

“Kate?” He shouted. Kate whirled around.

“Max! Where were you? We’ve been searching all over!” Kate ran over to him, out of breath.

“Standing behind that tree.” He said pointing to the tree he had sat nearby.

“Oh. Well we need to go.”

“What?” Max stared at her confused.

“Long story. But Andy says the Capital’s on our trails now, so we have to leave.”

“You can’t be serious.” Max stared at her intensely.

“I am serious.”

“Shit. He curse loudly running towards the camp. “Pack everything. We have to leave. Now.”

He reached the camp and saw Andy scrambling around stuffing everything into their proper packs.

“Where’s Frank?” He asked Andy.

“Off giving his rabbit a burial.” Frank replied absentmindedly, still submersed in packing.

“Burial? This is no time to give a burial. Tell him we’ll make him a new one. Now go get him. We have to leave immediately.”

“Uh...” Andy was hesitant. Anyone who’s seen Frank while he was angry would try not get in his way and make him angry.

“I said go get him!”

“Alright alright.” The boy mumbled as he spinned off to go find Frank.

Seconds later, Kate showed up behind him.

“So where are we going now?”

“I don’t know. We can either go deeper into the forest or follow the river and cut back towards the Capital through the forest.”

“Which one’s better?” Kate asked.

“I say follow the river.” Max winced slightly as he heard Kate’s sharp intake of breath.

“Not because of the river.” He added. “The Capital would least suspect us to go back towards them. They’re not too good when it comes to strategy. I think we can trick them this time.”

“Alright.” Kate’s voice sounded slightly forced. “Along the river it is then.”

The End

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