Chapter 2.4 Modern LibraryMature

The library was breathtaking. Haley stared at the rows and rows of books that lined the bookshelves. The girl said that the entire place had more than 500,000 books. Enough for Haley to read for a lifetime. Literally. She settled down in one of the cushioned chairs with a book in her arms. She had stacks on hold already. Everything that she wanted to read, everything she couldn’t but wanted to get access to on Earth, it was all here. She was snuggling down in her chair getting comfortable when a voice rang up. Why did she always get interrupted?

“You’re back.” It was the voice of the old man. Haley looked up.

“Yeah.” She tried to hide herself behind her book. After running away like that, she was sure he was going to give her a scolding. The old man only sighed.

“Did you see that sea?” He asked picking up one of the books she had stacked on the table, flipping through it slowly.

“Yeah.” Of course Haley saw the sea. It wasn’t a pleasant sight but she saw it. The sea was black. The water moved sluggishly along, crashing tiredly against the rotting pilliars of the dock. Foam and debrish caked the edges of the water. It smelled terrible. Just the smell itself made her completely nauseous.

“Do you know how it turned like that?”

Haley shook her head. The old man shut the book in his hands.

“From the poison that took over this world.” He put the book back.

“Be more careful next time.” Then he turned and left. Haley sat there confused. Either way, she knew the man wasn’t mad at her. Who was he? She would have to ask later. She returned to her book, pushing that conversation to the back of her head. Little did she know about the pair of gleaming eyes that stared at her from behind a bookshelf.

They stared at her hungrily.

The End

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