Chapter 2.3 In-BetweenMature

“How do you know about Lord of the Rings?” Haley stared at the girl confused. That was a story from Earth. Didn’t the old man say the they lost all communication with Earth and and the between worlds?

“We have a library.”

“But didn’t you lose touch with Earth a long time ago? How would you have the book?”

The girl laughed at her confusion.

“Our library gets updated silly. When Moving House was first created, the people of the in-between programmed the library to constantly update with books from both worlds. Hullucinia stopped making books, but Earth continued. The library update thing hasn’t broken down just yet.”

“But that must be a huge amount of books!”

“Yeah. But I guess the people of the in-between thought of that too because any books that people didn’t like and were too old got deshelved and disappeared so that shelves never got too crowded.”

“Oh....” Haley trailed off. “Can you show me?”

The girl eyes her uncertainly.

“Well after last time...”

“I promise I won’t run off again.”

“And the wandering?”

“I won’t wander around either.”



“Alright then. Follow me.” The girl beckoned her to follow. Haley lept off her bed in excitement. For once, maybe she’ll feel a little bit more at home in the terrible place.

The End

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