Chapter 2.2 Tracked and FoundMature

Max stormed out of the camp in anger. What was this? The leader of the group was being fucking accused of falling in love with a stupid river! He ran into the forest and slammed his fist into a tree, leaving a small dent in the trunk. He stared at the tree long and hard before he finally worked to clear his mind again. He couldn’t let his anger get the best of him. Max breathed in deeply, taking big breaths, trying to calm himself down. He sat down on the ground trying to release his anger. Maybe the others were right. He would have to reason his way through this.


Katie sighed as she watched the receding figure. What was she going to do?

“My rabbit...” Frank grumbled, picking at the remains of the rabbit Max destroyed.

“Forget about the rabbit Frank. We can catch you another one later.” Katie patted Frank lightly on his back.

“But it was perfect this time...” He picked up the remains of his rabbit and started walking away.

“Frank! Where are you going?”

“I’m giving it a burial.” He replied solemnly. There was not one hint of jesting in his voice. “Please don’t interrupt me while I mourn for wasting him.”

Katie shook her head. This was typical good o’le Frank, but now was really not the best time, especially since Max just stormed off. She watched as Frank walked away, talking to the rabbit.

“I’ve don’t think I named you. What name do you like? I think I’ll name you Frank II. I think it fits perfectly...”

There was no hope in getting Frank to come back until he gave the burial, which left only Andy.

“Andy. Do you know anything about that river? Whether it’s enchanted or not?” Katie turned to face the skimpy kid huddled closely near the fire. The boy turned to look at her, pushing his thin wire frame glass up a little. For some reason, they always seemed to slip down.

“I could look it up on the searchalator.” He offered, waving a small mechanism in his hand. Katie couldn’t help but roll at the name. Pfft. What kind of name was searchalator? But she could blame the kid. Giving inventions proper names just didn’t seem to be in his blood.

“Yah and tell me what you get.”

Andy smiled and hunched himself over his searchalator, typing away. Minutes later, he finally stopped.

“Any results?” Katie asked him urgently.

“Well. After pulling up the Capital's database, I tried to hack into it. It required a password and after running it through a few of my password programs, I realized that the password was ‘password’. Then it required-”

“Yes, the river.” Katie cut him short impatiently. “And what did you learn about the river?”

Andy stared her quietly for a moment before he spoke up again.

“Well, if you want to go there...” He trailed off again. He took in a deep breath, seeming to muster all of the courage he had. “The Capital tracked down the location of my signal and disconnected it before I got to the page. So long story short, no information about the river and I think the Capital might be on our trail again.”

Silence followed as Katie digested to news.

“Shit. She cursed. “We have to find Max.”

The End

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