Chapter 2.1 The Gollum of HalluciniaMature

Haley was barely able to release a scream when she felt wet slimy hand cover her mouth. She struggled as she tried to break free of the tight grasp of an arm that was wrapped tightly around her waist. The hand reeked of rot and she felt nauseous from it. The slime from the hand was dripping into her mouth and it tasted just as bad as it smelled. The arm dragged her to the ground where her assaulter finally revealed himself. Haley screamed once again.

The man was old and his clothes were in rags, barely covering his gray wrinkly skin. He was inhumanly skinny and his eyes unnaturally large. He smiled at her revealing rows of black rotten teeth that sparkled in his silva, dripping down in gloopy drops. His hair hung down in loose strands and barely covered his head at all. For a lack of better words, Haley thought he looked rather like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

“Food for our tummy.” He hissed. “We like fresh food.”

His hand was around Haley’s neck and she could feel it tighten. She tried to tug at the arm but the man was amazingly strong. He squeezed harder and harder and Haley started seeing black dots. She couldn’t breath and fight against him wasn’t helping. The world swam around her and she could feel her body anymore. She was just going to die like this.....


When Haley woke up again, she saw an inquisitive face staring at her. She jumped back surprised, pushing the face away from her.

“Am I dead?” She asked, her voice hoarse.

The face giggled.

“No silly.” A hand reached over and patted her head. “You’re alive as can be, though I have to say you almost didn’t make it. If we had been a second late, he would have gotten you and then the answer would have been yes.”

“Who was he?”

“We call him Gollum.”

“Gollum? He really is the Gollum?”

“Well, no. He’s not the Gollum. The Gollum is only another character in a book. We just named him that because it seemed to suit him well.”

A little too well. Haley felt that the man matched Gollum almost too perfectly. The strangling. The way he looked. He even spoke almost like the “real” Gollum.

“Where am I?” Haley asked noticing that she was in a room again.

“Moving house.” Haley’s eyes bulged. Again? Didn’t she just break free of that place?

The End

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