A little girl, not much older than five runs down the street. Her eyes shine with fear and her movements, though tired show no signs of stopping. She weaves through the empty streets and turn down alleyways hoping to throw her pursuers off her trail. She is unsuccessful and slams herself into the wall of an alleyway.

It is a dead end.

Her pursuers, all muscular men in black surround her, smiling sinisterly as they slowly surround their prey. Their eyes are glazed over with the fog of hallucinogen. They are not the so called sex offenders. Instead, they smile and reveal the sharp canine teeth they now have. These are cannibals catching their next meal. They could almost taste the soft fresh flavor of child’s meat.

One snarls. The little girl shrieks as she backs herself against the wall. The men all cackle loudly. Trapped prey were the easiest to catch. They pounce and sink their teeth into the girl, ripping her apart while she is still alive. Nothing can get fresher than that.

The sound of meat tearing stops and the men finish their meal. Now full with a wonderful meal, they curl up besides the remains of the girl, her bones thrown messily in a pile on the ground along sides the blood stained ground. They are content. Yet secretly on the roof of a building stands a boy, 2 years older that the little girl. His eyes gleam with sorrow, hate, and revenge. Hidden beneath his flowing black cloak is a knife. A knife that will shed much blood that night.

Little did the men know that they would never wake up again.

The End

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