Chapter 1.6 AnnoyanceMature

“Who said so?” Max demanded. “Just because I like to stare at a river doesn’t mean that I’m in love with it! Who falls in love with a river?”

Kate looked taken aback.

“I- they- we-” She stuttered as she shrank back nervously. “We’re just worried.” Then she turned and ran away. Max sighed, releasing most of his anger as he slammed his fist into the ground. He turned and stared back into the river. His reflection glistened softly at him.

Max was about 17. He had short but ruffled brown hair and shining green eyes that glistened to match his mood. He was tall for his age, with a strong muscular build and scars that wrapped themselves tightly against his skin. He looked dangerous and there was no denying that he was. Being one of the only four people ever to escape captivity, it would be an understatement to call him just dangerous.

Max had on rough black clothing that wrapped tightly against his skin. A belt was slung across his shoulder and held with it a sword bundled tightly in green cloth. The belt strapped around his waist was loaded with daggers, knives and one single gun. The gun was hidden away securely in a small pouch. He ever used in extreme extreme emergencies.

Am I really falling in love with a river?

He contemplated the though with a curl of his mouth. Max stared at himself a moment long before he drew himself away from the river.

Maybe ‘love’ wasn’t the right word, but Max couldn’t deny that the stream had something that drew him towards it. He turned and marched back to camp where he threw himself down tiredly on one of the logs that were set around a blazing campfire. Everyone turned to stare at him. Max nodded at them and leaned forward to grab a rabbit that was roasting over the fire. No one said anything. Kate huddled in a corner staring at him concerned.

Just ignore them.

Max growled to himself as he took a mouthful of rabbit.

“Not bad today. Who roasted this?” Max spoke up in a cheery tone.

“Frank.” Katie pointed at the fat asian kid sitting across from Max.

“You’re a good roaster Frank. I didn’t know you were so good at this! You know what? I think I’ll appoint you as our official chef!” He laughed loudly at his own joke, but no one joined in. Max slammed the rabbit on the log loudly as he stood up. He couldn’t feel more pissed.

“What is wrong with you guys!” He demanded.

“Max, you’ve been staring at the river ever since we’ve gotten here. You’ve barely eaten or talked. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s been days since you last came back to camp.” Katie stood up to match his glare.

“Days? That’s can’t be true!”

“You know Max, they say that river’s enchanted. How else would it be the only river still fresh on the entire planet?”

The End

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