Chapter 1.5 StupidityMature

Haley sighed as she threw herself onto the bed. Locked in a room that wasn’t even her own. Well, technically, it was. But if you wanted to go technical.... Well, lets just say that many of the things that just happened (cough plump lady cough) would have been unjust. Haley had to get out this room. She couldn’t just sit around here idly waiting for someone to send her back to earth. If that was even possible. What about her family! Her parents must be freaking out right now. How was she even going to explain this? She almost picture in her head.

“I got kidnapped and knocked unconscious and somehow landed in a world where everyone runs on hallucinogens. And I smelled like seaweed.”

Her mother would think she turned insane or something. Haley sighed. She was going to have to make up some crazy insane story. One the had to be much more plausible. But as for now, the problem was not how to explain but how to escape in the first place. And here was where Haley’s amazing window breaking skills came into play.


The truth was, Haley thought that it was a little too easy to break out that place, but seeing that house behind her made her feel just a little bit better. After all, she never did like confined spaces. She half skipped down the road before she realized that she was completely clueless as of what to do next.

The entire town was absolutely silent and the only sound came from her footsteps which echoed eerily throughout the place. Now that Haley faced this silence, she couldn’t help but feel a bit stupid. As confined as Moving House was, at least it wasn’t creepy.

As Haley continued down the road, she became less and less confident of with her plan which wasn’t much of a plan to start with. The air of the town reeked of death and somewhere along the way, the putrid smell of rotting bodies joined her company. Haley suppressed her urge to curl up into a ball and hide away in a corner. She continued to walk down the town, but fear does not easily give up and she started cursing at herself for being so stupid. But since she broke out of the house, there was no turning back now.

It was no longer as silent anymore with the muffled sound of waves crashing onto the shore. She must be nearing a harbor. More smells wafted up and stung her nose, drawing tears to her eyes, but Haley plowed forward. Where was she going? She had no idea. All she knew was her final destination.


The End

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