Chapter 1.4 One RiverMature

Max ran his hand in the crystal clear water of the river. He watched as the grime on his hand was slowly rinsed off by the running water. Little swirls of dirt appeared in the water before they settled slowly on the bottom of the river.

“Max!” Someone was shouting for him. Max sighed, but he didn’t respond. “Max! Where are you?”

“Here!” He yelled, still squatting next to the river. Footsteps rang behind him and walked next to him. Max looked up from his spot. A girl was glaring down at him.

“What?” He asked standing up, shaking the water off his hand.

“Were you staring at the water again?” The girl stared at him, obviously annoyed.

“Yeah.” He wasn’t going to lie. Yes he had been staring at the water again. So what?

“Why do you keep on doing that? What’s so interesting to look at? It’s just a stupid river!” Katie rolled her eyes at him disapprovingly.

“It’s not a stupid river.” Max crouched down and stared at it again. “It’s the only clear river on this entire planet that still runs.”

“I know that. But that still doesn’t mean you have to stared at it every other minute.”

Max sighed again.

“Can’t you just leave me alone?”


“Why?” Max sounded exasperated as he ran his now clean hand through his ruffled brown hair.

“Because we’re worried for you.”

“And for what reason should you be worried?” Max demanded. Was he doing anything wrong?

“Because it’s not normal for someone to fall in love with a river.”

The End

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