Chapter 1.3 The InfirmaryMature

Haley laid on her bed contemplating on on her conversation with the old man. He told her about Moving House and the history of Second Earth, at least to the extent of his knowledge. It was a lot of information to take in but she didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

Haley eventually got up from her bed. Moving House was supposed to be dangerous, but the man said that as for now, it was still rather safe. Haley pushed open that door and stepped in the hallway.

Moving House was made by the people of the in-between worlds. They used to use it to come and visit Earth and Second Earth. While the house was staying in Hallucin a long time ago, it was trapped somehow and could not travel back to the in-between worlds. The people of the in-between have despised humans ever since and cut off all connections to both worlds. How the house was trapped and why, no one ever knew. But it was trapped there and now humans lived in it.

Haley walked lightly down the hallway, her bare feet rubbed against the soft rug. The house was furnished like an 18th century Victorian house, with beautiful redwood walls and crystal chandeliers and dangled daintily from the ceiling. Candles illuminated the dimly lit place and pictures were spread evenly throughout the hallway. This place didn’t seem that bad. Yet Haley couldn’t help but notice a source of tiredness, something thinning and weakening, beneath the tidy and quiet scene of the house.

Haley reached the end of the hallway and stepped into a large upper lobby. Graceful arches spread through the room, supporting the house while giving it a feeling of grandness. The ground changed from wood to marble and a large mosaic covered the floor. Pathways made of rug curved around the room, decorating the large lobby with eloquent curves. At the far side of the hallway was a large set of double doors. The doors were molded with smooth curves and elegant grandness, radiating an air of royalty.

Haley stepped carefully across the lobby and reached the doors. she studied the doors and the designs carefully carved on each door. Her hand rested lightly on the door knob and she turned it carefully before she tried to open the door.

“Don’t go there!” A voice rang out from behind her. Haley jumped in surprise and lost her grip on the door knob. She turned around to just to see a plump little lady staring at her disapprovingly. “Didn’t they tell you not to go snooping around?”

“I...” Well. Yes the old man did. But he never exactly told her she couldn’t. He just suggested it. And if you take it literally.... Well....

The lady grabbed her arm harshly and dragged her away from the door.

“Don’t you go snooping around again!” She scolded her as she pushed Haley back into her room.

“I’m sorry.” Haley tried to apologize.

“You better be!” The lady looked at her indignantly before she slammed the door shut. Haley winced at the sound of a lock clicking. Oops.

The End

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